Milos Car Rental

Giourgas Milos Car Rental Policies

Driver’s license / Driver's Age

For citizens coming from China an international permit / driver’s license, is obligatory and required.
For all other, non-EU citizens, the international permit is optional.
The minimum age for the driver, must be 23 years old and must have a valid driver’s license at least for 2 years. Maximum age is 75 years old.

How to make a reservation

All reservations request are made through our website on the Contact / Reservation Request page.
After that, we will sent you, our availabilities and prices for all car types.
A minimum of 30% deposit is required to confirm, a reservation. For some reservations, a 100% deposit will required in high season.
No telephone reservations, are acceptable, to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings.

Car Pickup

The car renter, must check the vehicle during the completing of the rental contract and take the necessary video / photos along with the employe of our company.
Must mention any damage that already exists in the vehicle , in order to avoid being charged for a damage done at a previous rental.
After the departure of our employee, we not accept any claim for damages, in the rental contract.

On the Returning of the Vehicle

On the returning of the vehicle to our office, it should be in the same condition as received.
On the outside (not scratches, dents etc.) and inside (no rips in seats, carpets and spill of fluids to destroy them).
Of course any dust issues, mud, dirt, etc. are not considered as a damage to the vehicle.

End of Rental Contract

Be careful!!! After the end of the rental contract you are uninsured.

Fuel Policy

Paid by the customer. Pick up / bring back, with the same tank level. If the car is dropped off with less fuel, the client will be charged with the difference.
For full tank request, on pick up, there is a 20euro charge.

Child seats

Our company provides free baby and child seats, upon customer’s request and does NOT take responsibility, for their placement.


The vehicles are insured with TPI Insurance [3rd part 1.300.000€] and PAI Insurance [personal 12.000€].
Also available, with an extra cost CDW insurance. With that, renter is not responsible for damage of the car beyond 800€ +VAT for normal cars or 1600€ +VAT for off road cars.
The above stand under the condition, that there was no violation of the Traffic Regulation. In case of damage due to an accident at his fault, the renter is also charged for the days that the vehicle will be standstill for repair.
Not available insurance, inside boats / ferries. Not available theft insurance, as well as theft of personal belongings.

Tire Damage

Paid by the customer. All damage to tires, rims and under the car, are not covered by any insurance, at any car type.
If you gone need assistance from our company, on changing the flat tire with the spare tire, there is an extra charge of 30euro.

In Case of Key Loss

In case key is lost, you will be charged 200 euros.

Western Island & Old Sulfur Mines

With off road cars, you can visit all parts of the island.  With conventional cars, you cannot visit the western part and the east part of the island (Old Sulfur Mines).

Trips to Kimolos / Sea Transport

For trips to Kimolos island, in case of an emergency, 400€ is the minimum reparation.
You should be aware of the fact that sea transport, is allowed by the company only by written permission and only for trips to Kimolos island.

Car Accident or Breakdown

The renter, must note the registration number of the vehicle with which he came in contact, the driver’s name, telephone number and the insurance company that covers the other car.
Some photos, are always useful. Then you should immediately contact us and ask for advice about the situation.

Traffic Fines Tickets

Traffic fines tickets, from any violations of the Greek traffic law during rental period, are born solely by the renter.

Cancellation Policy

In case of cancellation: From 21 days or more prior to the arrival of the client, then the deposit is returned to the client (any transfer expenses are paid by the client).
For less than 21 days the client must pay the half price of the total days that will be cancelled.

After hours deliveries - collections

Customer extra charge: 20€.


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